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Halloween Gift Pack with Handmade Book and Trick or Treat Bag


This Halloween bundle is the perfect gift pack for your favorite Halloween fan. The gift pack includes the limited edition handmade Halloween book "The Trick or Freaks" and a canvas tote bag, featuring an adorable illustration from the book.


The Trick or Freaks is an original Halloween book full of mischief and fun. This amusing holiday tale, along with it's instrumental theme song, explore the sheer horror of...MISSING CANDY!!!


This limited edition of 'The Trick or Freaks' is presented as a beautiful handmade book. It features a black metallic paper cover and craft paper pages. Each cover is custom made with decorative handmade orange paper swatches. This book is the perfect idea for a festive gift, coffee table display or story time reading.


Show your love for The Trick or Freaks and get in the spirit of Halloween with this adorable trick-Halloween tote.In addition to trick-or-treating, use it for the kids school books or to carry groceries home from the market. The canvas bag features one of the most popular characters from the book.

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The Trick or Freaks


LISTEN and DOWNLOAD your FREE song to play along with the book and add to your Halloween playlist!